Sunday, June 8, 2014

Writing day

Recently I declared my Saturday a writing day. I hadn't spent much type at the typewriter and too many ideas were rattling around in my head clamoring to get out into the world of paper. This reserving of Saturday for writing actually made the rest of my week more productive. Any errand to run or chore to complete could be done before or after Saturday.
I'm proud to say that on Saturday, I actually completed a short story. I haven't decided whether to share it online. It's still a first draft at this point. It could work as a stand alone or a first chapter to a longer story.
It's a werewolf story and it's anything but G-rated. This ain't Twilight. I did learn a valuable lesson for dealing with writer's block. Just let your darkest fantasies out to play and you'll definitely shake some creativity loose.
In other horror news, I've become painfully aware that I actually own five typewriters and only one is in working condition. So perhaps this Saturday needs to be a designating typewriter maintenance day.  


  1. I think I can ease your pain. You need to buy more working typewriters! This way the working/non-working ratio will definitey improve and you'll have more time for writer's horrors :)

  2. I totally agree with ZetiX; buy more working typewriters! There are still a couple of other days left in a week, maybe Sunday can become your typewriter repair day?