Tuesday, May 6, 2014

They Ain't Dead Yet

When I first got interested in typewriters, I read that they are seldom seen but still very much in use. Every police barracks and hospital has at least one on hand. This is for the purpose of typing information into forms.

Recently, I met someone who probably wished he owned a typewriter. I had stopped into the district judge's office to pick up some files for work. The gentleman ahead of me in line was getting some forms to fill out, for what I don't know. As a reporter, it is my job to be nosey, but at that moment in seemed inappropriate.

He asked if he could fill out the forms by hand, and the lady explained that they needed to be typed. She then proceeded to tell him that the forms could be found online, filled out and then printed. So many steps.

For me it would have involved several geographical steps. I don't keep a working printer at home. Ink cartridges are expense.

I did casually remark that every hospital and government office keeps a typewriter just for that purpose. A nearby police officer confirmed it. Behind the desk, another clerk busied herself filling out forms with an electric typewriter.

I could have offered to sell the guy a typewriter, but at the moment, all but one of mine is in need of some level of repair. So there I found some motivation to get some tinkering underway. Plus, I need to keep this blog alive.


  1. Wouldn't everyone have been impressed if you'd whipped out a portable typewriter from your briefcase!

  2. Wedges are very much alive and well!